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The Role of Big Data in the World of Banking

Big data in South Africa is not just stockpiled data collecting metaphorical dust. At the end of the day, business is driven by results. Companies that have this data are responsible for keeping it safe and for adopting the best means of using it. In order to use big data you need a means to make sense of it. That is where Qlik® and its comprehensive analytic abilities come in.

Banking and Big Data

With the amount of data needed in the financial sector, you can only imagine the sheer abundance of data it takes to safely store thousands of client’s details. Businesses are held accountable for the exploitation of personal information or allowing it to fall into the wrong hands. Acts and regulations are in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, and protocols to follow in cases that it does.

With the huge amount of data there is to work with in this industry one requires a smart tool to analyse the snippets of data you actually need at any given time. Qlik® offers the functionality required to work with big data for business success.

Financial Services and Data Analytics

With Qlik® you can roll out a business intelligence solution that will work on the front end of the business. Qlik® Embedded Analyticshas brought visual analytics to the business world in a way it has never been seen before. It is an easy-to-understand and use visual interactivity and reporting tool. This is perfect for isolating data for reports that even novices can use, which is great because not everyone in the financial sector who needs to work with data is necessarily an expert.

Analytics Platform for Banking Big Data

The Qlik Analytics Platform offers a single location for visualising different chunks of data. You can now access data to use on dashboards, in reports and across a wide range of custom analytics.

Any useful information you collect on the platform is easy to share, whether it be internally or externally. You can reuse the data models, visualisation and security configurations for ease of use and to streamline the time to market.

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